Drum Lessons / Percussion Lessons

The drum kit is a very rewarding instrument to learn as it uses your whole body! Through drumming you’re sure to develop your hand-eye coordination, independence and dexterity of your limbs and a great sense of natural rhythm and timing (which is great for dancing, too). 

We know everyone’s goals for drumming are different – whether it’s that fill from Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’, rocking out to AC/DC or simply working on improving your rudiments and technique, we can help.

The teachers we work with can help you with every detail on your journey to mastering the kit. 

Guitar Lessons

The guitar is the ever popular instrument for all age groups – probably because it’s portable, widely available and approachable. It’s also the icon of rock gods and frontmen across the world. Talk about star quality!

You might aspire to be able to max out a solo on a stage with a band, sing songs around the campfire with family and friends or unlock your inner Nick Drake. Whatever your ambitions, teachers make sure your guitar lessons are tailored to build towards your goals.

We will match you with the perfect teacher who can can help you begin your journey on the fretboard, or pick up where you last left off.


Piano Lessons / Keyboard Lessons

Piano is a wonderfully versatile instrument that can be played solo or with a group. The piano has a part to play in nearly every genre from baroque and classical to modern pop, rock and jazz. It’s the perfect instrument to pick up at any age – all the notes are laid out in front of you, ready to be played.  

You might dream of performing your favourite classical pieces, improvising to jazz standards or finding your hidden songwriting talents. The teachers make sure all lessons are tailored for you so no matter what your aspirations, you can achieve them!

We match you with the perfect teacher who can can help you begin your journey on the keys, or pick up where you last left off with your piano progress.

Interested in taking music lessons?

Book a lesson with a teacher to get started with your London music lessons. If you’re a beginner, a teacher can show you the basics so you’re up and running! If you’ve been playing a while, a teacher can help you with a plan to move forward.

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