Finding a reliable music teacher can be really difficult, but we can help to make it a little easier. All of the teachers we work with are fantastic, qualified and friendly. But don’t take it from us: below you can read the reliable music lesson reviews from students who are making great progress and, above all, are having amazing music lessons with the tutors.

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Josh is a wonderful teacher. We feel incredibly lucky to have found someone who is a brilliant drummer with a successful performing career, yet who is also totally committed to being the most fantastic teacher.

He is always enthusiastic, positive, encouraging, prepared, reliable and forward-thinking. He enables our child to tackle challenges and noticeably builds her capability as a drummer each lesson. Our daughter really enjoys her sessions with Josh and has come on so much more and so much faster than we had ever anticipated. We are so pleased that we were fortunate enough to start lessons with him and really look forward to watching our child develop as a drummer in future as a result of Josh’s tuition. We cannot recommend him enough.

Sarah Ward


Like any parent, I was anxious to find the right teacher for my son, Dillon, who had shown some aptitude on the drums from an early age. I don’t think I could have found a more suitable teacher.
Reliable music lesson review by Dillon Harrison, performing at a leisure centre

Dillon was fortunate enough to study drums with Jack between the ages of eight and eleven. He went from being a keen student with some knowledge of the instrument and styles to achieving a high merit in his Rockschool grade 8 by the age of ten. This followed having achieved a distinction in all of his previous grades with Jack.

As a former private music teacher myself I could see immediately that Jack had the right credentials. Not only is he an excellent professional musician with a high level of experience as a drummer, percussionist and composer but also has those essential communication skills that transform a musician into a valuable educator.

Jack was encouraging, friendly and supportive to Dillon, especially at those challenging times when a new technique or method was introduced and was highly methodical in his approach. Every lesson was prepared in advance. Prior consideration had been given to ensure that lesson time was used as effectively as possible. I was impressed by Jack’s level of organisation. Prior notice was always provided on those few occasions when lessons needed to be reorganised.

Jack is a proficient and versatile teacher who is able to teach to all ages and abilities. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a drum teacher.

Bryn Harrison


I’ve been learning the drums weekly with Luca for just under a year and my drumming skills have improved so quickly! Luca’s lessons have helped me learn how to read music – it’s a lot less daunting than I thought.
Reliable music lesson review by David Black, profile shot

I started off very simple so I could get used to a full kit. We then progressed onto counting and keeping time, as well as hand and feet technique. After, we looked at simple basic fill ideas whilst steadily increasing the complexity of songs. Many of which I thought I’d never be able to play from looking at the sheet music. I’ve been introduced to a great array of musical styles to practice with including rock, metal, blues and mamba. I’m no expert but I’m so much better and enthused than I was a year ago! And the learning will continue.

Luca is such a lovely man and he puts his teaching points across in an easily understood way. He is always patient when my frustration creeps in and so encouraging when you hit a bad patch. I’ve learnt so much from him. Thank you Luca for everything. If you want to learn drums, Luca’s the man!

David Black


Siân is a brilliant teacher. We feel so lucky to have her teaching Max with amazing skill and patience in her wonderful studio. Lessons are supportive and well guided but most impressively she knows how to connect with Max and get the best from him. During the lockdown period we switched to online lessons via Zoom, which Max really looked forward to each week. We so appreciated Siân‘s efforts to keep the lessons going. Her ability to connect with Max, even via the online platform, is impressive. I can’t recommend Siân enough!

Leila Barbaro


Jack is an excellent teacher, who is precise and open-minded. He has a unique approach to drum tuition that can make the real difference between not just being a great drummer but being a great musician.

He is a very student-involved teacher and the care and desire for his students to achieve really comes across in and outside of his lessons. Jack always adapted his lessons to suit my needs and goals and really helped point me in the right direction as far as drumming styles/concepts were concerned.

His knowledge and specificity lead to me achieving a grade 8 distinction in my first music exam ever. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher with a comprehensive outlook on all aspects of drumming and musicianship.

Reliable music lesson review by Jack Mosley, sat at the drum kit in between takes in a recording studio

Jack Mosely


Joe is a wonderful teacher. He’s tutored my son and I for more than three years, beginning when my son was six years old. It’s a joy to see how far my son has progressed under Joe’s teaching. Joe is a rare combination of skilled musician and patient teacher. It’s no easy thing to teach an adult and child in the same lesson, yet Joe does both seamlessly.

We recently moved to a distance learning plan using FaceTime. I’m pleasantly surprised with how well we’ve been able to continue our progress through meaningful lessons in this medium. Our time with Joe is a highlight of our week.

Alex Hagedorn

Parent & Student

Josh reminded my son how much he loved playing the drums and for that I cannot thank him enough. With his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of music and styles he reignited that enthusiasm in my son. 

Here is what my son says:

“I’ve been working with Josh for nearly a year now and I can say that he is the best of the best. He’s very flexible in teaching so he can help you with whatever you need, songs, techniques or rhythms.

“He explains things exquisitely and makes sure I fully understand what I’m learning. Josh has his own band – FLAWES – which, I reckon, is a good example of hard work and dedication, providing a great role model.”

Einat & Ishay Haim


Reliable music lesson review by Einat Haim, her son sat at a drum kit

Joe is a great guy. He’s been coming to our house once a week for the last few months to teach our eight-year-old daughter. She really enjoys the lessons and Joe understood very quickly both what she enjoyed and what she didn’t enjoy. If she doesn’t understand something he can explain it clearly. Ida thinks Joe is funny and very easy to talk to. She said: “Joe‘s got a good sense of humour and is also very, very good at drums!”

Ida was really keen to do drumming grades. Joe taught her in a relaxed, fun and focused way and she got her grade 1 earlier this year. Ida got 89% which she was very happy with! She can’t wait to get going again after the summer holidays!

Anna Gentzel


Our daughter showed an interest in the drums a couple of years ago. After her first teacher moved on, Make More Music helped us find her new teacher Lauric MacKintosh. Under Lauric’s expert tuition, advice and support, over time we have seen that our daughter has made huge strides in her drumming and most noticeably in things like her technique and timing. This has given her a huge amount of joy, as she can also hear and see herself improving. The lessons are fun and enjoyable and we feel that with Lauric’s help and support she now has a massive sense of achievement in her drumming.

Miki Lentkin


Reliable music lesson review by Anna Rimington, her son in a drum lesson

My lessons with Josh are half an hour but they feel like five minutes! I’m passionate about drums and Josh is the right man for the job because he gives me good advice but not in a shouty way. He’s calm and lovely.

Ted Aslett

Student, Age 12

Reliable music lesson review by Ted Aslett, playing at home

Josh is the most excellent teacher! It’s clear he loves playing the drums and that enthusiasm is infectious. He’s technically really strong, with a really wide musical knowledge. I can throw anything at him and he’s always able to show me how to play it. He has a real understanding for how to focus your practising to build you into an all-round better drummer. I really look forward to our Skype lessons!

Rob Aslett

Student & Parent

Learning new skills get harder as you get older (and I also have a very analytical job) so just having to approach something so different was really daunting. My teacher PJ was really open to talking about how I prefer to learn and what I want out of drumming. We have created my learning path accordingly, whilst having a lot of fun! It’s baby steps but I am beginning to build muscle memory and I can see progress from when I started. It’s amazing – and I have kept it up!

Christina Buch-Petersen


I always look forward to lessons with Az because they are chill and fun. He has a great sense of humour and he always offers positive encouragement even if get something wrong.

Milo Berglund

Student, Age 13

Az is a kind and patient teacher who can explain things clearly and he evidently has a passion for drumming and music. I always look forward to my lessons and know that we will have a laugh and I will learn something new. I have started learning drums through lockdown and have therefore had all my lessons on ZOOM – but this hasn’t detracted from the lessons at all!

Jenny Berglund

Student & Parent

Jack has worked with my daughter for nearly two years and taken her from a very green beginner to a proficient, professional sounding drummer. By engaging her in a personable and individual manner, Jack has inspired her not only to achieve grade 1 within 12 months of starting but to read music and – possibly more importantly – to understand that she has unknown/untapped talent. With her increasing drumming proficiency, her confidence grows which is just fabulous to see! Jack is friendly, engaging, punctual, good at communication and interested in each student and their particular capabilities and skills.

Jane Hancer


Oliver has been taking drumming lessons with Lauric for just over a year and is really enjoying them and making excellent progress.

Lauric is a patient, encouraging and dynamic teacher, and Oliver has come on enormously in both skill and confidence over the past 12 months. He has gone from a complete beginner to being able to play a number of tracks with confidence. I would highly recommend Lauric!

Laura McLachlan


Reliable music lesson review by Laura Mclachlan, her son sat at an electric drum kit

We are all VERY fond of Josh. He has been the most incredible drum teacher we could have hoped for. He teaches our two daughters every week. Not only is Josh amazing with technique, but also with didactics and motivation.

Both girls have improved tremendously and have developed a passion for drums, rhythm and music thanks to Josh!

He has also given ad hoc sessions to my husband, a frustrated musician wannabe, and we are now all he fans. If that was not enough, Josh used to teach special needs kids too, and he was amazing at teaching our little boy with Down Syndrome. Josh came up with a colour code sequence in the laptop to give visual motivation. My son has learned the name of the different drums and plays in sequence with the most amazing hand/eye coordination.

We are team Josh forever!

Gabriela Herculano


PJ has been a fantastic drum teacher for my son! From the first lesson Matty was quickly at ease with PJ‘s teaching style. He has an ability to be patient and listen to him talk about relevant – the drums – and totally irrelevant chat – absolutely anything! Matty looks forward to his sessions with PJ and has gained confidence in both his drumming and general outlook on what he can achieve. I put this down to PJ‘s constant positive re-enforcement that Matty can achieve whatever he puts his mind to.

Simon Godfrey


William has made great progress since having lessons with Az. His informal style really suits William, it keeps learning fun and engaging. Complicated drumming patterns and practice routines have been maintained and established, so the fun part isn’t at odds with delivering some great results. I’m excited to hear how he keeps progressing in the future!

Sam Lawrence


Jack is an excellent teacher – patient but firm, flexible but determined. As a left-handed middle-aged musical ignoramus, with an electronic kit at home, I’ve been quite a challenge. My ambitions were modest. To achieve a good enough standard to play along to CD’s at home. Also to get a general understanding of music and learn to read drum music. I didn’t want to take exams or get too bogged down in practice pieces written for exams, or to perform as part of an ensemble. But I did want to be able to play a real kit when the opportunity arises. (I have a son who is a professional drummer). I’m getting there more quickly than I’d dared to hope.

Between us, Jack and I soon began to choose sections of tracks I’d like to play along with and which fit the exercises I’m learning and simplifies them to my level. He cherry picks the exercises from various exam syllabuses so that I make steady progress. Then he reinforces them by the pieces we choose next and it works brilliantly – keeping me happy while extending my skills.

If I’m struggling, he’ll email me a demonstration of the tricky bit, as well as write it out in various ways, so I can make progress.

He is always willing to answer questions about music in general. We discuss techniques and the instruments I’ve seen at concerts without getting distracted too far from his lesson plan. The result is maximum pleasure and minimum boredom for me. It’s really good value for the time and money invested, giving me a challenging hobby.

Jack is a proficient and versatile teacher who is able to teach to all ages and abilities. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a drum teacher.

Marian Griffiths


When there were no vacancies at school for drum lessons as I began playing, I turned to Jack to teach me kit. Turns out it was a great decision to become a student of his! He guided me through the grades, reaching grade six in under a year, which I took the exam for and passed with a Merit.

Jack used clear and simple methods to ensure my abilities in reading music, playing techniques and confidence were the best they could be, focusing not only on grades but with playing in a band.
Reliable music lesson review by Adi Bell, in the practice studio

We covered advanced click/metronome and sampling techniques, and confidence playing live and in recording which has been a great help to me in my band, Ten Floors.

My band has toured on a UK level up and down the country supporting signed acts including Gareth Gates, A Silent Film and Ross Copperman. I have been able to carry my knowledge from lessons with Jack to play confidently in all these situations.

Jack is highly organised and made sure I was catered for as best as I could be. He plans out every lesson with specific aims for my playing and always pushes my abilities to their potential.

Adrian Bell


Jack is a terrific tutor who, right from my initial exploratory email about lessons, encouraged me to believe that a long-held dream was something more than the deranged fantasy of a middle-aged woman!

He led me into learning through gentle stages and, almost before I was aware of it, I was playing simple rhythms, and, later on, fills. Jack is exceptionally well-organised and there is always a plan for the lesson. He is tolerant of error and gently encouraging. I’m not especially confident and he often has to tell me that yes, I can do it. By the end of the lesson, it turns out that he was right. Moreover, he’s very good at diagnosing why it is that particular problems occur and then helping to overcome them. If you’re thinking of learning to play but have been hesitating, hesitate no more!

Melody Mellor


Josh has been superb – both our kids took to him instantly! He’s a very patient teacher and a superb musician. I have happily recommended him to other parents and will continue to do so!

Rob Manning


My son, 11-years old, started learning with Lauric around a year ago and absolutely loves learning with him. From his first lesson he was hooked! He is patient and kind and makes all the lessons fun, explaining things clearly. We have been so impressed by how quickly he has progressed and have really enjoyed listening to him play Blur and Red Hot Chilli Peppers with a real aptitude.

He really looks forward to his lessons with Lauric and from a parent perspective he is a pleasure to deal with and has a natural way with children. I would highly recommend Lauric to anyone looking for a drum teacher for their child.

Lorraine Gerrard


Reliable music lesson review by Lorraine Gerrard, her son playing at home

Jack has taught my son drum kit since he began playing aged 7, four years ago. He’s currently working towards his Rockschool grade 5. Morgan has always enjoyed his lessons. He feels comfortable and is able to freely comment about his thoughts around the practice. Jack is very motivated and organised and his lessons are always structured, as is the homework. He’s very good at building a positive relationship and therefore able to give honest and positive feedback – this happens on an ongoing basis.

As Morgan was a young learner he hasn’t always been the easiest of pupils. He would often turn up with his head full of football stories or antics at school. Jack has always been able to deal with this, listening for a short while and then focusing Morgan’s attention back onto the job in hand.

We live nearly ten miles away however in the years since Morgan began drumming I have never once thought of looking for another tutor. I very much doubt I could find a reliable drum tutor as committed to his pupils as Jack.

There have been times when he’s struggled with new elements or not understood the point of a particular exercise. At these times Jack has been able to adapt his approach to make it easier for Morgan to grasp. As a parent I can say I’ve always felt confident about leaving Morgan with Jack and equally comfortable sitting in the lesson.

Occasionally there have been times when I have had concerns about Morgan, perhaps before/after exams or if he becomes complacent with practice time. When these situations occur I don’t hesitate to contact Jack and discuss the issue – he’s always been able to come up with a plan to tackle the problem!

I have no hesitation recommending Jack to others looking for a tutor, either for themselves or their children. He’s the best!

Amanda Burton


I started lessons with Jack after my partner bought me two beginner drum lessons for Christmas. Although I’d always wanted to have a go at learning drums I did wonder that at 51 years of age I’d left it a bit late. I was also very unsure of what to expect. My fears were soon quashed on my very first lesson with Jack. We had an initial discussion of what exactly I wanted and what my targets might be. I remember vividly what I told him – “so long as I can play at least one song from start to finish then I’m happy!”

By the end of the first lesson I walked away with a basic rock beat that I could play comfortably and that gave me such a buzz! Needless to say, I continued with the lessons and still attend weekly.

The most important thing from my perspective was, like other pupils Jack teaches, I wasn’t interested in exams and gradings. This isn’t a problem for Jack. He has a fun and unique way of getting the basics across and for someone like myself – who has never had a single iota of interest in musical scores – it still works. He involves you with the metronome and believe it or not I can now read bits of drum music!

Anyone who does decide on lessons will subconsciously start to pick out drum beats when listening to music. I do, and if there’s anything I’m unsure of then I discuss it with Jack, going through the concept in the next lesson. People often ask what exactly it is that I enjoy about the lessons… Whilst learning the country shuffle beat I was introduced to a blues guitarist called Joe Bonamassa which has given me a great interest in music. I also like it when Jack occasionally jams along on the keyboard whilst you play a particular beat. His patience is a great help too. In all honesty my only regret is that I didn’t start years earlier.

The next step is to book my two grandsons in for lessons with Jack when they are old enough. I know they will be safe and can experience the unique and exciting lessons he provides.

Gary Meston


After a lifetime of being a frustrated non-musician, I finally decided to take up the drums in my 50’s. I spent some time thrashing about myself but then decided that if I wanted to be a ‘proper’ musician then I ought find a teacher. So I found Jack. Jack is an excellent teacher with a wide knowledge of different musical styles. I grew up listening to pop/rock from the 60’s/70’s and developed a style of drumming accordingly. Jack’s knowledge of this genre is extensive for a young ‘un! I have also developed an interest in jazz and swing, and again I have found Jack extremely knowledgeable.

He is very adaptable in his teaching methods. I am not planning to take any exams and being a bit older and I perhaps don’t learn as quickly as children and younger people might do. Jack has adapted his teaching style accordingly to suit me. He is a very patient teacher.

I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Jack and I can say that after every lesson I always feel inspired and re-invigorated and can’t wait to get back on my kit at home. If you are thinking of taking up the drums, I cannot recommend Jack enough. Many thanks Jack!

Dennis McCambridge


Lauric has been teaching our daughter for well over a year now. She is progressing really well. Lauric is patient, a great teacher and a brilliant drummer! Our daughter really looks forward to her lessons.

We were particularly impressed with Lauric’s decisiveness at the beginning of lockdown. He was really well organised and quickly set up online lessons via FaceTime, emailing over material to practice and printouts of what she’s done each lesson. We have recently gone back to face-to-face lessons, which has been great, but we know that our daughter will still progress well if we have to go back to distance lessons again.

In short, Lauric has been great and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Make More Music are a great company too – on the ball and friendly!

Lucy Wallis


Reliable music lesson review by Lucy Wallis, daughter having a lesson at home

I’ve been having drumming lessons with Luca Romano and can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. The lessons are engrossing, challenging and fun at the same time. And during lockdown they have helped keep me sane – during each lesson it’s like the outside world doesn’t exist. I also get to play along to my favourite songs. It’s almost like being in the band!

Michele Mautner


My 9 year old son has been learning the drums with Riccardo for a few months now and we could not have a better teacher! Riccardo is very clear, calm and student focussed teacher which is exactly what Joe needs. He not only focuses on technique but also on the feel of the instrument, the posture and the musical taste of the student. He is always so patient and positive.

Riccardo is very proficient and versatile and teaches Joe to play different styles, which he can bring home to play with his brother who plays guitar. Joe has improved a lot and corrected embedded mistakes he developed from learning on his own.

It is hard to find a good music teacher, and Riccardo has exceeded my expectations. He is a professional jazz player and has a track record of teaching at very high level too. Riccardo’s enthusiasm for drumming really transpires through each lesson and is an inspiration for Joe. He is very reliable and responsive, which is great for parents. I could not recommend Riccardo enough!

Caroline McTurk


Lauric is a fantastic drum teacher. Just the right balance of high expectations and encouragement. He has been amazing at getting my son to focus and work on detail and teaches so clearly that every lesson there are big leaps forward in learning. He is also wonderfully responsive to my son’s musical interests, sourcing the drum tab of songs he likes and even teaching him one of his own band’s songs. It has been inspiring to have a drum teacher who is in a real band, going to real gigs, able to talk about performance tips and experiences. Lauric also communicates really effectively with parents so that you know what your child has worked on and what their challenge is for the week ahead. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

Emma Simpson


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