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COVID-19: Remote music lessons during lockdown

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Remote music lessons

We would like to update you on music lessons due to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19 / coronavirus. We are pleased to let you know that all of the tutors are teaching via remote music lessons. Remote learning is a great way of being able to continue your lessons in these ever-changing times. Playing music is also a great way to keep your brain active and combat some of the stress we might find ourselves in!

Everyone will affected by the restrictions in place. As we commit to social-distancing or self-isolation we know that creativity and music will become more important than ever. This is especially for the tutors who are incredibly happy to still be playing.

Studio lessons

For anyone currently taking London music lessons at a tutor’s studio, these lessons have now fully moved online. Your tutor will be in touch with the specifics and how to connect to your lesson. (Re: drum lessons – if you’ve been coming to a studio for lessons as you have no drum kit at home, please don’t worry. Depending on ability you don’t even need a drum kit to continue your drum lessons).

Remote music lesson equipment

Please don’t worry if you only have minimal equipment or access to just a phone or tablet. All the tutors have appropriate set ups on their end so they can conduct your lesson with minimal disruption. Platforms currently being used by the tutors include Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp but there’s flexibility if you have a preferred option too. Furthermore, the tutors will take you through the settings you need to ensure that the lesson works well for you. Everything should sound exactly as you need it to!

Parent and student feedback

Current students who have moved to this learning environment are continuing to have great, dynamic lessons. We’re getting positive feedback from tutors and students alike:

"During this lockdown period we have switched to online lessons via Zoom, which Max has really looked forward to each week. We have so appreciated Siân’s efforts to keep the lessons going. Her ability to connect with Max, even via the online platform, is impressive. I can’t recommend Siân enough!"

"We recently moved to a distance learning plan using FaceTime. I’m pleasantly surprised with how well we’ve been able to continue our progress through meaningful lessons in this medium. Our time with Joe is a highlight of our week."

"Joe has been teaching our daughter for approximately two-years now. We were keen to keep lessons going during the lockdown and happily accepted the option of lessons via Skype. It is working really well, with the usual level of interaction. We're glad to see our daughter’s learning progressing unaffected."

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Exam booked?

If you’ve got an exam booked then fear not! We’re getting word from exam boards that options to continue with a remote exam will be provided shortly. Each student will be contacted by their tutor with further information. It’s great to know that there is no reason to disrupt any lessons that have involved exam preparation. It’s still a great time to learn!

UPDATE: RSL Awards have announced that they will providing a video exam option going forward. You can find out more right here.

Interested in remote music lessons?

If you’re interested in remote music lessons please do contact us. We’ll tell you more about the process and get you paired up with a fantastic tutor. You’ll be set up in no time. We have some tips and suggestions to help you get going. We can even help test your set up prior to the lesson too.

If you have any friends or family that might be looking to pick up a new skill, please make sure they contact us. They now don’t have to be based in London for music lessons with the tutors! It’s a great way to spend time during lockdown!

Thank you!

To all current students, our tutors want to thank you so much for your continued support. The transition to remote music lessons is easier than ever because of everyone’s incredible cooperation. For all tutors their music is their livelihood. So the continuation of your lessons is really important in helping to support them.

Finally, please stay safe. We’re sending our best wishes to you all throughout this difficult time.

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