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Reading Music As An Adult

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We often get emails about reading music as an adult. Is it possible? How hard is it? Surely it’s too late?

We’re happy to say that no – it is not too late!

Take David Black. David contacted us in summer 2018. He was looking for an experienced drum teacher who could help him learn how to read music. David was really interested in specifically looking at the construction of drum beats to complement some of the experiments he was undertaking at home in the software Logic Pro. Naturally, taking a few drum lessons was the obvious way forward.

Reading music as an adult – Luca Romano drum teacher profile shot, circular
Drum teacher Luca Romano helped David reading music as adult

Luca’s lessons have helped me learn how to read music – it’s a lot less daunting than I thought.

We paired David up with experienced drum teacher Luca Romano and what turned into a curiosity quickly became a regular, weekly hobby.

David says: “I’ve been learning the drums weekly with Luca for just under a year and my drumming skills have improved so quickly! Luca’s lessons have helped me learn how to read music – it’s a lot less daunting than I thought.

Starting Simple

“I started off very simple so I could get used to a full kit. We then progressed onto counting and keeping time, as well as hand and feet technique. After, we looked at simple basic fill ideas whilst steadily increasing the complexity of songs. Many of which I thought I’d never be able to play from looking at the sheet music!”

Reliable music lesson review by David Black, profile shot
Exploring Styles

After getting the basics under his belt, Luca then introduced David to a wider range of of styles. This can be crucial to really gaining a deep understanding of the construction of grooves.

“I’ve been introduced to a great array of musical styles to practice with including rock, metal, blues and mamba!” says David.

“I’m no expert but I’m so much better and enthused than I was a year ago! And the learning will continue.”

MMM Bonus Tip: If you’re looking to study music – or drumming specifically – at college or a higher education institution, get stylistic awareness under your belt! It often crops up during auditions and even the most experienced player can get stumped!

Learning with Luca

Luca is such a lovely man and he puts his teaching points across in an easily understood way. He is always patient when my frustration creeps in and so encouraging when you hit a bad patch. I’ve learnt so much from him. Thank you Luca for everything.

“If you want to learn drums, Luca’s the man!”

Interested in reading music as an adult?

As always, if you’re interested in drum lessons, do drop us a line! We’re London-based, but all of the teachers are accessible worldwide through online lessons if you’re out of the area.

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